Shoot ‘Em Up To Tweet Live from the Stock Show Parade using HerdDogg’s Technology


Denver, CO, January 2, 2017 — HerdDogg, the maker of “smart tags for smart cows” is adding an interactive element to the National Western Stock Show annual Downtown Trail Drive in Denver, Colorado on Thursday, January 5, 2017.

The sight of over thirty five Longhorn cattle walking through the streets of downtown Denver can only mean one thing…it’s Stock Show time! This Downtown Trail Drive draws thousands of spectators each year to announce the start of the National Western Stock Show. The Silverado Ranch Longhorns will be herded down 17th Street and tweeting from their HerdDogg tags starting at High Noon.  This year promises something a bit more for the tech crowd.

Follow Shoot ‘Em Up and his herd via Twitter at @HerdDoggHome or Instagram at @HerdDogg with the hashtag #longhorntweets.  He will be keeping folks updated on the weather, his activity and what he encounters along the parade route. “When we found out what HerdDogg’s technology could do, we thought the crowd would really get a kick of it,” says Gary Lake, co-owner of the Silverado Ranch longhorn herd. Shoot ‘Em Up is already a star and now he will find new fans on Twitter, too.”  The parade features longhorn cattle, cowboys and cowgirls, horses, and western wagons.  

“We are really excited to kick off 2017 with the longhorns.  They are some of the most beautiful animals on earth and we want everyone to share in the experience,”  says Melissa Brandao, founder and CEO of HerdDogg, a local Colorado startup. "The fact that Shoot ‘Em Up will be tweeting through this historic event and meeting some famous Colorado personalities along his route will help bring some of the experience to those that can’t be there in person."

About HerdDogg

HerdDogg, Inc. developed “smart tags for smart cows” – the wearable technology for livestock that provides easy-to-use identification and biometrics for improved animal health and wellness. HerdDogg is a two-part “Internet of Things” system that pairs smart cattle tags with a passive reader which collects data from livestock anywhere and anytime with or without internet, cellular or wifi connections. When this data is pushed to the cloud, it can be analyzed, and integrated into other systems such as social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

HerdDogg was publicly introduced in November, 2015 when the team was selected to be on Intel’s new reality TV show America’s Greatest Makers: Wearable Technology and since then has been doing pilot programs at several ranches and dairies across the U.S.  HerdDogg recently started promoting pre-orders for their “starter kit” which includes 25 DoggTag ear tags plus reader for first quarter 2017 delivery. For more information, go to

About Silverado Ranch

Silverado Ranch is the partnership of Stan and Lorna Searle with Gary and Donna Lake. They raise and sell quality Texas Longhorn cattle and ranch raised Longhorn beef. The historic Longhorn is the icon of the West and produces the healthy choice for beef! Longhorn beef is lower in cholesterol than white meat chicken!


Melissa Brandao