HerdDogg tests “DoggBone on a Drone” for remote cattle monitoring


HerdDogg is teaming with All Drone Solutions to test HerdDogg’s cattle monitoring technology to gather data via a drone for “free range” cattle in the San Joaquin Valley this week.

HerdDogg has developed state of the art smart tags and readers that generate ID and biometrics from herd animals without the limitations of current RFID technology.  HerdDogg’s DoggBone reader gathers data from a distance of approximately 30 feet.  

Bruce Negri, a rancher in Clovis, California is testing HerdDogg’ smart tags, but he has posed a new challenge for the technology. Negri’s cattle graze on a large pasture with no specific sites where the cattle congregate. Long range cattle grazing has always been a challenge for precision livestock, requiring radio towers and expensive equipment to read at long distances.

“By installing our DoggBone on the drone, we deploy the drone to the area where the cattle are, then hover and gather data and fly back to the ranch with minimal effort and maximum reward,” said David “Duppy” Proctor, HerdDogg’s chief technology officer.

Based out of Exeter California, All Drones Solutions specializes in using drones for precision agriculture by providing same day vigor maps with algorithms designed specifically for California crops.

“This is something new for us,” said Mark Hull, CEO and founder of All Drone Solutions, “when HerdDogg called me to see if I would be willing to run the drones for cattle monitoring, I was intrigued. This could be a whole new market for drone use.”

All Drone Solutions and HerdDogg will be at the World Ag Expo February 14 -16, 2017 in Tulare, California.

About All Drone Solutions
All Drone Solutions is based in Exeter, California. Their company slogan is “The sky is no longer the limit!” Their mission is to collaborate with the highest of quality hardware companies and the most advanced software engineers to bring a Turn-Key solution that is not only safe but easy to use for any farmer or consultant. Their drone packages are custom built to fit each of their customer’s unique needs.  All Packages include a lesson in safe flying habits and a detailed course in the complete operation of the drone and its features to ensure each customer’s success and complete satisfaction.  http://www.alldronesolutions.com/

About HerdDogg
HerdDogg, Inc. developed “smart tags for smart cows.” The HerdDogg is a two-part “Internet of Things” system that pairs multiple smart cattle tags with a lightweight passive reader and collects detailed biometric data from animals. It is easily accessible using portable devices and smart phones and the data is on-demand.  This powerful data ensures livestock farmers and other users can make rapid data-driven decisions on their animals’ health, and have the predictive information to maintain a healthy animal population. HerdDogg was publicly introduced in November, 2015 when the team was selected to be on Intel’s new reality TV show America’s Greatest Makers. HerdDogg officially launched its product in January, 2017. For more information or to order HerdDogg, visit www.herddogg.com.



Melissa Brandao