HerdDogg: Simple to install, easy to use.

The HerdDogg system was designed to be simple to use, low-stress for you and your herd.

1. Install the DoggTag

Install the DoggTag (5).png

DoggTag works just like a typical ear tag. It can be used with your existing tagging tools. DoggTag is designed for lifetime use with an easy to replace battery. It can be used to replace your existing RFID systems.

No learning curve or special equipment.


2. Place the DoggBone

bowie install.png

DoggBone reads all DoggTags within a 30-40 feet radius. It creates an "ad hoc" network without wires or cables. Just put the DoggBone near a place where your animals congregate--a watering trough or milking barn--and let DoggBone passively gather data.

Stress-free Passive data collection.


3. Gather the Data

Gather the data (1).png

To gather data just launch the HerdDogg app and stand near your DoggBone or animals. The HerdDogg app can also be used to count cows WITH OR WITHOUT Internet connection. No more bar code readers or cattle chutes.

So don't worry, just gather...