HerdDogg builds state-of-the-art smart ear tags and readers for livestock ID and health monitoring. 

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Individual animal details including ID and profile pictures can be viewed and updated from your smart phone even while you're still in the field. HerdDogg automatically gathers and updates animal profile every time the tag is read. 



Biometrics shouldn't require invasive treatments or expensive hardware. Even better than a fitness tracker, HerdDogg measures animal activity and body temperature along with other key metrics right from the ear tag which makes for happier, healthier herds (and handlers).

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CHeck Ins

Knowing where your animals are is often all you need to know. With HerdDogg's DoggBone reader, animals can be "checked-in" whenever they get seen: at the watering trough, the milk barn or moving past you from one pasture to the next. It sends data from more than 30 feet away.

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HerdDogg provides the best herd data access via your smart phone, on the web. HerdDogg data can be downloaded and easily integrated into your existing productivity tools or legacy systems. We have partnerships that do just that.

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Healthy Herds are Happy Herds. 

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