Our Pilot Program

HerdDogg has an active pilot program for cattle and other livestock producers. Join the group of early adopters that are ready to engage with technology in pasture, on horseback or pickup, from your mobile phone or laptop. Yes, it’s really that easy to monitor the health and performance of your herds!


Benefits of the HerdDogg pilot program:

Tod, Gentleman Farmer from Tennessee, HerdDogg Investor and Pilot Customer

Tod, Gentleman Farmer from Tennessee, HerdDogg Investor and Pilot Customer

  1. keep better tabs on who’s in heat, who’s sick, who’s missing in your herd

  2. early access to the latest (and coolest) technologies in precision livestock

  3. check your herd online — “see” your animals from the comfort of your office

  4. vast improvements in record keeping and herd efficiency

  5. improved insights into herd behavior

  6. direct and early input on new features and services like the SkyDogg pilots

  7. product discounts and HerdDogg SWAG (like Tod here)

  8. opportunity to engage with like-minded producers

  9. profiling our producers through out media channels

Two ways to participate in HerdDogg pilot program

Getting Started

Use our free mobile apps for easy livestock management. Contact us below to sign up and get the Pilot Code for the apps.

Pro user

Purchase our Pilot Animal Health Kits for $999 and increase your insights into herd fertility, illness and behavior. Purchase you kits here.


Pilot Kit includes:

  • 12 months of HerdDogg service for 25 animals (a $200 savings)

  • 25 DoggTags

  • 1 DoggBone reader/receiver

  • Membership in the DoggPack; HerdDogg’s support community for our early adopters

  • Opportunity to win a free drone ($1000 value)

Need more information? Send us a message!

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Some of our Pilot Sites

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 4.41.58 PM.png

Fresno State University Fresno, CA

HerdDogg Showcase Dairy and San Joaquin Valley R&D Center Thank you to all of you that provide to support to our efforts in Fresno!


Farrer Memorial Agriculture High School, Tamworth, Australia

Ag students share sheep data across schools in Australia.

gary with longhorn.png

Silver Ranch Longhorns, Colorado Springs, CO

World Famous Longhorns that open the National Western Stock Show every year in Denver, Colorado. Ginger and friends smart ear tags tweeted from the show.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 6.36.57 PM.png

Blake’s Landing, Marshall, CA

Our first installation site. Big thanks to Josh and Albert for all of their support!

Maker Faire, San Mateo, CA

First ever real time "real data" tweeting cow. Won Best of Show and Editors’ Pick for HerdDogg Daisy.


Sao Bento, Sao Paulo,Brazil

Our first site in Brazil, and the site of our first newborn. Obrigado to Sergio and his team!

Valley View Ranch, Ashland, OR

Locally sourced beef for locally owned sustainable restaurant. 


Tomkat Ranch, Pescadero, Ca

First beef pilot and first site of calves tagged.

Copy of IMG_8242.jpg

Oregon State Extension, Burns, OR

Oregon funded research site.