Some of our Pilot Sites

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Fresno State University Fresno, CA

HerdDogg Showcase Dairy and San Joaquin Valley R&D Center Thank you to all of you that provide to support to our efforts in Fresno!


Farrer Memorial Agriculture High School, Tamworth, Australia

Ag students share sheep data across schools in Australia.

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Silver Ranch Longhorns, Colorado Springs, CO

World Famous Longhorns that open the National Western Stock Show every year in Denver, Colorado. Ginger and friends smart ear tags tweeted from the show.

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Blake’s Landing, Marshall, CA

Our first installation site. Big thanks to Josh and Albert for all of their support!

Maker Faire, San Mateo, CA

First ever real time "real data" tweeting cow. Won Best of Show and Editors’ Pick for HerdDogg Daisy.


Sao Bento, Sao Paulo,Brazil

Our first site in Brazil, and the site of our first newborn. Obrigado to Sergio and his team!

Valley View Ranch, Ashland, OR

Locally sourced beef for locally owned sustainable restaurant. 


Tomkat Ranch, Pescadero, Ca

First beef pilot and first site of calves tagged.

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Oregon State Extension, Burns, OR

Oregon funded research site.