WelfareTag™ Starter Kit

$1,399.00 $1,199.00

Starts Shipping: March 31, 2021

Everything you need to get started: 25 WelfareTags + 1 DoggBone™ + 1 Year of The Animal Traceability Platform™

WelfareTag: Complete welfare oversight with health, illness and trace insights. 

HerdDogg leverages the power and efficiency of Bluetooth® and your smartphone to connect you directly to the ear of your animal for real-time tracking, ID, and health updates.

The HerdDogg WelfareTag system was designed to be economical, portable, and simple to use. It leverages the power of Bluetooth’s long-range, low-power read capabilities in a patented, lightweight DoggTag ear tag paired with the portable DoggBone* reader. This system works for any type of herd. DoggTags install just like most other tags with a standard tag applicator.

(StarterKits are currently only available for pre-order in the United States)

*DoggBone is WiFi enabled and uses Verizon’s LTE CAT-M1 network. Please check with Verizon for more information about coverage in your area.

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Grab The perfect HerdDogg Product


The quintessential Bluetooth® smart ear tag for remote and long range identification of your herd.


The Bluetooth® smart ear tag for remote, long range monitoring of health and illness insights.


All-in-one Bluetooth® long-range smart ear tag for welfare with advanced health and behavior insights.


Our signature portable Bluetooth-to-Cellular smart ear tag pocket reader goes wherever you and your herd go.


Designed to provide fully integrated and portable in-field charging for your DoggBone reader.


Our “DoggBone-on-a-drone” reader with long range capabilities that IDs and locates your herd.


Would you like us to keep you informed about the upcoming release of HealthTag?


Would you like us to keep you informed about the upcoming release of DoggHouse?


Would you like us to keep you informed about the upcoming release of SkyDogg?

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