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HerdDogg monitors your pasture raised livestock for stress-free heats, health detection & traceability.


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Cow on a summer pasture

A Universal Solution for Herd Health

from tagging to traceability.

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We deliver simple, straightforward digitized answers

to your critical animal health needs.

Early HEAT Insights

  • Early heat detection and alerts.

  • LEDs pinpoint animals to breed reducing errors and costs.

  • Early pregnancy insights.

Early HEALTH Insights

  • Early illness & injury alerts.

  • Identify biometric changes due to weather.

  • ID which animals might be at risk for exposure.



  • Insights and alerts pattern changes in animal behavior.

  • ID “mis-located” animals.

  • Alerts for changes in location, mis-sorting.

Drone-based Cattle Management

  • Count your cattle from the sky in minutes.

  • ID missing cattle.

  • Geo-locate herd sites.

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HerdDogg’s Patented Technology gives you a 360-degree view of your animals’ welfare in the palm of your hand, from wherever you are.


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