A new approach to cattle welfare

The cattleman's conundrum

Intensive systems excel at producing affordable meat at scale, yet these cattle are at greater risk from illness & mortality.
Transitioning to a higher-welfare, lower-antibiotics model - without significantly more staff - requires a brand new approach.

Introducing "Minimal Intervention" management

The art of achieving more, while doing less.

Time becomes your ally.

HerdDogg 'watches' your cattle 24/7, logging minute temperature & movement changes often invisible to the human-eye & providing an early-warning system for health & estrus.

Less becomes more.

Identifying ill-health earlier allows you to intervene in a smaller, more targeted way, often producing a faster recovery without vets, antibiotics or the risk of an outbreak.

Your team is transformed.

Healthy animals make for better margins & happier employees. Time & energy that was once spent monitoring & treating sick or dying cattle, can now be focused on delivering long-term success for your ranch.

See results in just 3 days

Tag your cattle & set up your DoggHouse*
(*solar-powered transmitter unit)
Our algorithm establishes your herd's baseline metrics*
(*movement & temperature levels)
Start getting your first health & heat alerts from day 3*
(*AI-algorithm continually learns & improves)

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